Brian & Alex // Winehaven Winery

I feel sort of like a broken record saying so frequently how great every wedding I shoot is (clearly a sign of how much I love this job and my couples) but this wedding was truly one for every one of the books. First, Brian’s coat ripped down the seam. To the rescue comes MB with her tiny sew kit and stitches it back up- MB mic drop #1. Then, rain looked to dash the hopes of Alex’s wish to have the ceremony outside when, literally in the knick of time down to the minute, the rain stopped and gave everyone just enough time to scramble and get everything set up- Mother Nature mic drop. Then the rings. You all know the moment: “may I have the rings” the officiant (Alex’s brother) asks. Heads turn, glances exchanged  no one has them. Off races her personal attendant to find them (and MB close behind to help). Meanwhile, a friend who for some reason no one will ever know, brought his balloon collection to the wedding along with his balloon making skills (I’m serious) and trotted on up to make swords and hats for the soon-to-be-married couple while the ring hunt was on. 5 mins later the PA races back out, rings in hand (which we later found out MB had found in someones bag- MB mic drop #2). THEN, just kidding there’s no more and-thens. But the rest of the night did go off with nary a hitch and many, many o laughters. I’m positive not a better couple could have all that happen to them and taken more in stride. Oh also Booger, their dog, walked down the aisle because #awesome.
I’m not crying, you’re crying.