The Schillers

Recently I had a family shoot up near my hometown of Brainerd and I hit up my looooongtime friends Eric & Leah to see if MB and I could crash their spare bedroom the night before. We had so much fun hanging out and catching up on old times (Eric and I being friends since the early 90s ?) and as a wee thank you, I wanted to do a spur of the moment shoot for them and their two adorable kiddos. It was total kamikaze style with them not even knowing ahead of time I was going to do it. They happily agreed and what came of it was a fabulously authentic time of the kids in their jammies with bruises & bits of dinner still on their faces and all. I think I’ll be doing this kind of shoot again. I mean who wouldn’t love photos of their kids in the everyday craziness and hilarity of life?? Happy Monday blogosphere!