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Adam Kennedy


At my core, I am a lover of people and experiences. I’m passionate about introducing friends to my favorite things: our adorable baby boy Lochlan, homemade pizza, tasty cocktails & vino and awesome coffee. I became a dad in January of 2022 and have loved every minute of watching him grow and feel even more blessed than ever to be a soloprenuer that allows me the flexibility to be home so often. I love to cook and drool over pretty cookbooks but could eat pizza and tacos everyday until death and I’m obsessed with making the perfect pizza in our backyard oven. I love a good board game on a rainy day and Farkle while we watch old episodes of Friends or The Office, or a riotous game of Carcassonne when we feel like taking over our whole dining room table.

Mary Beth Kennedy

studio manager / assistant

I've been a part of AKP for 12 years, starting as studio manager and now as the second photographer & wedding day assistant as well. You might see me snapping photos from afar, bustling a dress, fixing hair during photos, pulling something out of my magic backpack or trying to reign everybody in for family photos. At the very least, I am emotional support to all involved on the big day. I love love, and weddings and getting dressed up. I could live on tacos, pizza & Mac & Cheese. I laugh at my own jokes, and always try to find humor in awkward situations mostly because they're caused by me. We have a little one at home now - his name is Lochlan and we just love him to pieces! I adore all animals and volunteer with Safe Hands Animal Rescue. Jovie was our very first foster and I fell head over heals for her and just couldn't let her go. I love hanging out with Lochlan, reading, playing board games, cooking with Adam, making homemade pasta, good wine, taking the dogs on fun adventures, and sleeping... I love sleeping 😴

Lochlan Kennedy


Lochlan joined the AKP family a few weeks before his due date at the beginning of January 2022. Our lives have been turned upside down in the best way and we couldn't be happier. His personality is starting to shine as he grows what seems like every day and he is an incredibly sweet & silly little boy.

The dogs are curious and are enjoying sniffing his head and learning not to bark so loud. They can't wait until he gets bigger so he can play with them and share lots of snacks.

So far his hobbies include lots of smiling, cooing, cuddling, eating, sleeping & pooping ☺️

Callie "Calliebuck"

singer/shed monster

Callie is a lover of treats, long walks, cold weather, snow, Jovie, swimming, tug of war & cardboard. When she's not hanging out in our backyard or sleeping under anything available, she's begging for treats and singing.


Jovie "Lou Lou"

Foster Fail/Snuggle Monster

Jovie was our first foster almost 5 years ago, it was love at first sight and we just couldn't let her go. She loves taking naps on the couch, finding rays of sunshine, tug of war, and playing keep away from Callie. She's a love bug and a snuggler.