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Adam Kennedy


At my core, I am a lover of people and experiences. I’m passionate about introducing friends to my favorite things: our adorable baby boy Lochlan, homemade pizza, tasty cocktails & vino and awesome coffee. I became a dad in January of 2022 and have loved every minute of watching him grow and feel even more blessed than ever to be a soloprenuer that allows me the flexibility to be home so often. I love to cook and drool over pretty cookbooks but could eat pizza and tacos everyday until death and I’m obsessed with making the perfect pizza in our backyard oven. I love a good board game on a rainy day and Farkle while we watch old episodes of Friends or The Office, or a riotous game of Carcassonne when we feel like taking over our whole dining room table.

Mary Beth Kennedy

studio manager / second photographer

I've been a part of AKP for 13 years, starting as studio manager and now as a second photographer & wedding day assistant as well. I am an organizer which is the perfect compliment to Adam's creativity. You might see me snapping photos from afar, bustling a dress, fixing hair during photos or trying to reign everybody in for family portraits. At the very least, I am emotional support to all involved on the big day. I love love, and weddings and getting dressed up. I could live on tacos, pizza & Mac & Cheese. I laugh at my own jokes, and always try to find humor in awkward situations *mostly because they're caused by me*. We have a little one at home now - his name is Lochlan and we just love him to pieces! I love hanging out with Lochlan, reading, playing board games, going for walks, cooking with Adam, making homemade pasta, good wine, taking the dogs on fun adventures, and sleeping... I love sleeping 😴 Which as you can imagine doesn't come quite as much as it did before Loch made his appearance.

How We Met...

We met back in 2010 when Mary Beth was still teaching preschool at Minnehaha Academy.  Adam was hired to photograph the homecoming festivities by his friend Audrey, who was actually the first wedding that Adam ever shot by himself!  Mary Beth saw Adam walking across the football field and thought "he's super cute!"  Fast forward about 20 minutes, Mary Beth is playing on the playground with her kiddos and Adam and Audrey came over to snap some pics of them.

One of Mary Beth's little girls came up to Adam and said "What's your name?  My name is Cadence, C-A-D-E-N-C-E." to which Adam replied "My name is Adam, A-D-A-M." and Mary Beth thought that was just the cutest thing she had ever seen. Mary Beth was thinking the whole time "I can't flirt with this guy, I'm in charge of 15 four year olds!"

And that was that.  Adam was done with his work and left.

Later that day, Mary Beth asked around to see if anybody knew who that guy was and the receptionist told her to ask Audrey.  So next time Audrey was at school she asked her and pointed her to his website.  Mary Beth took a gander at the website and thought he was pretty talented and also still very cute.  So naturally she switched over to Facebook to see if she could find him.  And she did. And then one of her friends looked him up and she ended up having a mutual friend (Chelsea) with Adam.  Adam grew up with Chelsea and Mary Beth actually played ultimate frisbee in college with her! Very small world. So Mary Beth's friend  reached out to Chelsea and Chelsea reached out to Adam and asked if he remembered any of the preschool teachers when he was at Minnehaha.  He did, there were two. One was 65 and the other was Mary Beth. Adam was hoping that the one that was asking was not the 65 year old

Lo and behold, it was Mary Beth who was asking about him.  So Adam reached out to Mary Beth over Facebook with a very witty and charming message titled "Six Degrees of Separation".  **Back in 2010 when you could still title Facebook messages**

They exchanged messages for a while and they finally went on their first date to Black Sheep Pizza, The Loop and Sebastian Joes for ice cream.

And the rest, as they say, is history 💕

Lochlan Kennedy


Lochlan joined the AKP family a few weeks before his due date at the beginning of January 2022. Our lives have been turned upside down in the best way and we couldn't be happier. He is a very sweet & silly little boy.

His hobbies include: 'doing a cheese' aka taking pictures, playing in the drivers seat of the car, running, causing chaos, talking non-stop, playing with his friends, sleeping, climbing, keeping us on our toes, being outside & bath time!

The dogs are very curious, especially now that he's sharing all of his meals with them by dropping half of it on the floor 😂 Callie is never far away when it's snack or dinner time...

Callie "Calliebuck"

singer/shed monster

Callie is a lover of treats, long walks, cold weather, snow, Jovie, swimming, tug of war & cardboard. When she's not hanging out in our backyard or sleeping under anything available, she's begging for treats and singing.


Jovie "Lou Lou"

Foster Fail/Snuggle Monster

Jovie was our first foster in 2017, it was love at first sight and we just couldn't let her go. She loves taking naps on the couch, finding rays of sunshine, tug of war, and playing keep away from Callie. She's a love bug and a snuggler.