Emily & Dane // The Loft at Studio J

It’s real damn hot out there today so let’s cool off with some NYE wedding vibes shall we? I’ve known Emily for a bajillion years, well ok not exactly that long but over a decade for sure. Her and Dane could quite literally be described as two peas in a pod, they just go together like pb&j. Not only are they both incredibly fun to spend time with but the friends and family they’ve got in their lives made their wedding day one of the most palpably joyous occasions I’ve ever experienced at a wedding. I knew when the crowd whooped and hollered as Em and her dad walked down the aisle the I was in for a wild ride New Years Eve and I was not disappointed. Not only did we get to do an epic countdown but Emily changed into a straight up gnarly NYE outfit so make sure you scroll to the end to see that action. The Loft at Studio J was tops as always with the setting of Downtown Stillwater in the background plus the weather cooperated and allowed us to take some fun pics outside and on the Stillwater bridge. Cheers to you Emily & Dane, we love you both!