5 Reasons to do a First Look

Time is precious – especially on your wedding day. It’ll be over in a flash (pun intended). 

To get more time with your family & friends, consider a First Look. Here’s how it can make your Big Day even more enjoyable:


  1. Relish in More Time Together 

“I can’t believe how fast today is going!” said every couple I’ve ever worked with. And they’re right – it passes in a proverbial blink of an eye. By choosing a First Look and taking pictures together (rather than apart), you’ll gain 2-3 more hours to spend with your #1.

  1. Chill the Nerves

“I just want to see him/her so I can shake the nerves”. Being “forced” to stay apart until the big moment can unnerve even the calmest of couples. A First Look lets you lock eyes with your babe – allowing you both to be more present and really enjoy the ceremony.

  1. Snap Pics & Chill

Once you’ve seen each other, we’re able to roll right into wedding party photos. Capturing these important pics before the ceremony provides freedom – time to relax and be silly with your close friends & family. Also, if you plan to go offsite or have a Texas-sized wedding party, extra time for photos is gold.

  1. Save Time When It Matters Most

Trying to capture family photos after the ceremony can be like herding stray cats. Everyone scatters excitedly, wanting to catch up with loved ones. A First Look saves valuable time by avoiding having to track down Uncle Bob.

  1. Get This Party Started

You likely spent hours (or days) figuring out who to invite. Getting time to connect with your VIPs is critical. Cocktail hour is the single best time to mingle with your guests – before everyone is chowing down on dinner or living their best life on the dance floor. 

There may be plenty of valid reasons why you may not / don’t want / or can’t do one – and that’s ok too! However, if time with your loved ones is important to you, a First Look can be the best wedding gift imaginable.