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The past 15 years have taught me a thing or two about what you likely want in a photographer. And over that time I’ve learned that having a great connection with your photographer is precisely how you’ll forget about the camera and simply be yourselves. So, that’s how I like to begin.

We’ll spend some time getting to know one another, and I’ll discover who and what is important to you. This understanding will allow me to deliver images that not only look like you but feel like you too.

Then, I’ll approach your wedding as a journalist - photographing your biggest moments and joy-filled emotions while actively seeking out the little things that you won’t always get a chance to see. I’m equally confident giving you direction to make sure you’re relaxed, comfortable and look your best. And at the same time, I know when I need to take a back seat and let a moment naturally unfold.

And because I recognize that your wedding day isn’t a photo shoot, I’ll aim to capture your day perfectly as possible without monopolizing all your time. After all, you’ve intentionally invited your family and friends, and you deserve to have time to celebrate with them.

meet the team

Amanda & Rich have such a serendipitous love story and I have had the privilege of watching from the sidelines from the very beginning. After spending 16 months apart thanks to Covid and Rich living in Australia, they were finally reunited.  They had a private ceremony in the Maldives last year and threw an awesome party at Viansa Winery in Sonoma last year. We honeymooned in Sonoma so when they asked us to shoot their wedding, we were ecstatic!

'The one where Frankie stole the show'

Cassie & Charlie are pretty great too!  We’re big animal lovers over here so it’s always fun when they’re involved in one of the most special days that their humans have had to date!  Stillwater is such a charming little town and we love every opportunity to explore the beauty it has to offer.

Josh & Emily

Let me start off with that I do not see myself as a photogenic person, but Adam and MaryBeth made me feel beautiful, timeless, and I will forever treasure the photos we have from them. We were fortunate enough to hire them for both our engagement and wedding photos and every time I look at them, I still get the warm fuzzies. Adam and MaryBeth are also just such amazing people who have what they do down to an exact science! They efficently ran our wedding day while still capturing the most gorgeous pictures of our best day. If you are looking for perfect communication, great personalities, picture perfect teamwork, and stunning photographs... Adam Kennedy Photography is the way to go!