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The past 15 years have taught me a thing or two about what you likely want in a photographer. And over that time I’ve learned that having a great connection with your photographer is precisely how you’ll forget about the camera and simply be yourselves. So, that’s how I like to begin.

We’ll spend some time getting to know one another, and I’ll discover who and what is important to you. This understanding will allow me to deliver images that not only look like you but feel like you too.

Then, I’ll approach your wedding as a journalist - photographing your biggest moments and joy-filled emotions while actively seeking out the little things that you won’t always get a chance to see. I’m equally confident giving you direction to make sure you’re relaxed, comfortable and look your best. And at the same time, I know when I need to take a back seat and let a moment naturally unfold.

And because I recognize that your wedding day isn’t a photo shoot, I’ll aim to capture your day perfectly as possible without monopolizing all your time. After all, you’ve intentionally invited your family and friends, and you deserve to have time to celebrate with them.

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The word that comes to mind over and over about this day is: stunninnnnnggggg. Jonny and Alena’s wedding was so chock full of wonderful moments and portraits, I honestly had a hard time keeping this post under 150 photos. It was also a rare treat to be able to capture their rehearsal dinner at the Hewing Hotel the night before AND our first time shooting a wedding at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. From their attire on the night of the rehearsal (Prada anyone? 🤩) to the epic dance party at the MIA, it was all incredible. Special shout out to the planner, Stephanie and floral team, Sadie’s Floral for making everything look, well, stunning.  

Weddings at the Whim never disappoint and Alida & Ryne, with the help of the fab planner duo Dos Goats (love them btw), put on a helluva day. So many incredible moments and as a dad myself, the ones with their little boy just melt me into a lake sized puddle. It doesn’t take more than a few photos in to see just how much they laughed (and cried) together that day. And a special shoutout to their table arrangements: theirs was the most simplistically fabulous I think I’ve ever seen with really cool 70’s vibe color glasswares and matching little floral accents.

matt & elana

You simply *must* use Adam Kennedy Photography if you want great photos, easy communication, and less stress while planning your wedding. From day one, working and planning with them was easy, and their handling of every detail made us feel calm and comfortable. On the day of our wedding they wrangled our family, listened to our needs, and had a perfect mix of a plan and a willingness to adapt. And we LOVE the results!! Our photos are beautiful and exactly what we were hoping for. I can't imagine going through this without Adam and Mary Beth. Every step of this process was made easier and more fun because of who they are and how they work. Planning a wedding is stressful enough - it made such a difference to not have to worry knowing that they were there and part of our team.