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The past 13 years have taught me a thing or two about what you likely want in a photographer. And over that time I’ve learned that having a great connection with your photographer is precisely how you’ll forget about the camera and simply be yourselves. So, that’s how I like to begin.

We’ll spend some time getting to know one another, and I’ll discover who and what is important to you. This understanding will allow me to deliver images that not only look like you but feel like you too.

Then, I’ll approach your wedding as a journalist - photographing your biggest moments and joy-filled emotions while actively seeking out the little things that you won’t always get a chance to see. I’m equally confident giving you direction to make sure you’re relaxed, comfortable and look your best. And at the same time, I know when I need to take a back seat and let a moment naturally unfold.

And because I recognize that your wedding day isn’t a photo shoot, I’ll aim to capture your day perfectly as possible without monopolizing all your time. After all, you’ve intentionally invited your family and friends, and you deserve to have time to celebrate with them.

meet the team

Red Barn Farm  in Northfield, Minnesota was the perfect venue on a gorgeous Saturday in June.  Kelsey & Ricky and their wedding party were a blast to be around and made the whole day easy and fun to capture! The sunset pics among the vines are some of my favorite!

Thanks to covid… Mitch & Allie waited an entire extra year for their wedding and when the day finally came, it did not disappoint!  Their wedding at Minneapolis Golf club on a snowy January day was gorgeous and reflected these two awesome people and their friends and family… and it just so happened to be Adam’s birthday!

Ashley & Matthew

We have been at an absolute loss of words trying to find the perfect way to describe how they captured our day so beautifully. We sat curled up on our couch teary eyed going through the pictures over and over again because we felt transported back to the day. We knew that they would capture beautiful moments, but they absolutely blew it out of the park and there is nothing that could adequately express the impact that they had on our day. They were both incredible to work with, and genuinely added to our day. We felt incredibly comfortable with them and will undoubtedly recommend them to anyone and everyone we know. They are artists, truly.

"They were both incredible to work with, and genuinely added to our day."