Meet The Team

Owner/Photographer/Taco Fanatic

At the very core of me is a lover of people. I love introducing friends, old & new, to my favorite things: kick ass cocktails, favorite restaurants and travel adventures, and our favorite cookbooks. Speaking of cookbooks, I thoroughly enjoy cooking with MB. Of course roaming my fav brewery haunts like Indeed, Insight (conveniantly located across the street from our studio) and Dangerous Man are a regular occurrence. We recently picked up a paddle board and can feel that becoming my latest obsession. Last but certainly not least our pups are our favorite things.


Mary Beth
Studio Manager Extraordinaire/Wine Enthusiast

I love everything about weddings - the people, the pretty dresses, the laughter, dancing, and the love. I love sushi, walks around the lakes with friends, happy hours, cooking with Adam, drinking wine, good conversation, traveling and diving into new books. I am my mothers daughter: an organizer; which perfectly compliments Adam: the creative. He runs the show on the camera front, and I run the studio, so I guess that makes me the boss :)


AKP Mascot/fluffiest dog ever ;)

Callie is a lover of treats, long walks, cold weather, eating snow, her best friend Riley, swimming & tug of war. When she's not hanging out in our backyard or sleeping under anything available, she's at the studio begging for treats and singing. She cannot wait to meet you! She's on Instagram a lot, so go check her out #calliebuckthepup


Foster Fail/Snuggle Monster

Jovie came to our house as a foster pup, and we just couldn't bear the thought of letting somebody else sweep her away from us, so... we adopted her! She loves biting Callie's ankles, playing tug of war, eating, and sleeping! She's a love bug and a snuggler. If you come to the studio for a meeting, I'm sure she'll curl up right next to you and fall asleep!