Meet The Team


At my core, I am a lover of people and experiences. I’m passionate about introducing friends- old & new- to my favorite things: kick ass cocktails (currently: whiskey anything), restaurants (currently: Spoon & Stable), travel adventures (NYC is a frequent destination because duh), or my latest fav recipe (buddha bowls). I love to cook and drool over pretty cookbooks but could eat pizza and tacos everyday until death. I’m obsessed with plants and trees but struggle to keep them alive. Roaming my favorite breweries like Indeed, Insight (conveniently located across the street from the studio) and more recently, Wild Mind near our new house in SW mpls with MB and our pups whilst playing a lively game of Ticket to Ride is a regular occurrence.

Mary Beth

I've been a part of AKP for about 6 years, taking on many roles from second shooter to studio manager, to assistant extraordinaire. You might see me bustling a dress, or fetching something (whiskey) for the bride & groom on the wedding day. At the very least, I am emotional support to all involved. I love love, and weddings and getting dressed up. I could live on tacos, pizza & Mac & Cheese. I laugh at my own jokes, and always try to find humor in awkward situations mostly because they're caused by me. I adore dogs and puppies and volunteer with Safe Hands. Jovie, pictured below, was our first foster and I fell head over heals for her and just couldn't let her go. I love to try new restaurants, cook with Adam at home, or bring the dogs to the dog park, and sleeping... I love sleeping


AKP Mascot/fluffiest dog ever ;)

Callie is a lover of treats, long walks, cold weather, eating snow, her best friend Jovie and her cousin Riley, swimming & tug of war. When she's not hanging out in our backyard or sleeping under anything available, she's at the studio begging for treats and singing. She will howl excessively at you upon meeting. She's on Instagram a lot, so go check her out #calliebuckthepup


Foster Fail/Snuggle Monster

Jovie came to our house as a foster pup, and we just couldn't bear the thought of letting somebody else sweep her away from us, so... we adopted her! She loves biting Callie's ankles, playing tug of war, eating, and sleeping. She's a love bug and a snuggler. If you come to the studio for a meeting, she can’t wait to hog too much of the couch next to you