Weddings are about two families coming together and celebrating each other. You’ve got enough pressure to create a beautiful, fun event for all your loved ones. Your wedding photography should be easy. I work with clients to create an approach for their wedding that makes the most sense for you and your team of event pros.


 Sure, the Big Day is what all the fuss is about, but you’ll find that engagement sessions are sometimes the most memorable. Take a few hours to really enjoy the experience of being in love, of committing yourself. Get images of yourselves doing what you love to do, now, before you start the adulting phase of your new lives together. I love getting to know my couples better before the big day so it’s that much easier to feel comfortable.


 Not every client wants to throw a big blow-out party. Many times a simple ceremony in a lovely destination with the closest family and friends is best for you. Elopements say destination experience and affordable wedding. You still want to look back on the wedding and share it with others who weren’t with you to celebrate.