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Jon & Alex {Bayview Event Center : Minneapolis Wedding Photographer}

On what was quite possibly the most beautiful day of the entire summer AND fall.  These two wed.  And it was  awesome and loving and fabulous and hilarious.  I sincerely love these two.  As a couple they are unstoppable. Alex’s dad is a phenomenal and professional artist and painter, and he handprinted of the wedding favors that doubled as place settings and mini canvases that you could take home.  He also gets the prize for most interesting man of 2014 in my book.  Cheers to you Alex & Jon!

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Chelsey & Jeffrey {Minneapolis Wedding Photographer – Elm Creek Park Reserve}

It’s been a while since my last post so I’m pumped to get back into it with this mega post to feast your eyes on. Boy oh boy where to begin with Chelsey and Jeffrey?! What a wonderful, emotion-filled, beautiful day this was. From a tearjerking daddy first look to an equally emotional ceremony gushing with love, there were so many great moments to capture the whole day I could hardly contain my excitement and joy for these two. I’ve known Chelsey and her family quite literally since I was born so being their photographer was all the more special to me and I can hardly express what an honor it was to capture it for Chels and Jeffy. I love you guys and am so happy you two found one another!

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