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Robin & Brent {Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club – Minnesota Wedding Photographer}

It’s not everyday that your best friend gets married. Robin and I go WAY back. We’ve been best friends since before either of us can remember.  I got to be a bridesmaid and stand up for this incredible couple and it was such an honor for me (And for Adam) to be able to support them on their big day. Which included lots of ‘roars’ (you’ll see), laughs & games, cute kids, beer & shotguns.  The day was beautiful and so was the bride.

Love you two to the moon and back.  And we wish you nothing but the best!

{xoxo, Mary Beth}


Jon & Alex {Bayview Event Center : Minneapolis Wedding Photographer}

On what was quite possibly the most beautiful day of the entire summer AND fall.  These two wed.  And it was  awesome and loving and fabulous and hilarious.  I sincerely love these two.  As a couple they are unstoppable. Alex’s dad is a phenomenal and professional artist and painter, and he handprinted of the wedding favors that doubled as place settings and mini canvases that you could take home.  He also gets the prize for most interesting man of 2014 in my book.  Cheers to you Alex & Jon!

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